“Ex Aussie Renovation Expert reveals the secret system she used to make $27k in 30 Days Coaching”

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This powerful method (created by a serial entrepreneur) will accelerate your coaching or consulting business into an enormously profitable one.

“Nothing changes until you do” – Cat Morrissey

Cat is an award winning photographer, renovation expert and the creator of million $$ mindset retreats and VIP days for high achieving CEO’s. Her methods are based on the laws of reciprocation and have been tried and tested for more than 3 years mentoring some of Australias leading professionals. Nothing you see here is in textbooks and yet it’s the exact science you need to make more money, have better relationships and create a life that is free from working for a boss.

“Cathy’s mentor ship and profound knowledge has been an incredible blessing to my eager ears. Anyone who is ready to raise their standards, Cathy will be able to meet you there. To find an incredible mentor is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Someone who can see your ability more than you even knew was possible. Someone who makes you realise how much you didn’t know. Someone who manages to tap into your talent and gives you a grand vision of what’s possible. Someone who will save you both time and money that mistakes would cost. Every great achiever has been inspired by an incredible mentor and therefore one of the most important business decisions you will make. It’s been so game-changing to work with someone who gives me clarity, assistance, a ear to listen and guide and saved me so much time overanalysing and crossing my fingers ‘hoping’ my actions were precise”.

Alex Hill

“The key element to our success was we were prepared to do what Cathy advised, put our egos aside, and get on with it.”

Chris and Karen Christoff

"Anyone that’s ever had any noteworthy achievements in their life has drawn from the knowledge and inspiration of those operating at a higher level than themselves. Mentors like Cathy are here to fast track your growth and fast track your success."

Rachael Johnson

“Cathy has given me the confidence to build a portfolio that is affordable and maintainable. Cathy’s enthusiasm is motivating and encouraging. Her experience and expertise are evident in her work."

Toni Reilly

“Cathy is not only very knowledgeable and great at teaching but also displays the behavior, attitude to business and life that you seek in a great mentor”.

Paola Tapia

"I now understand why an artist needs a muse, a business person needs a mentor, men and women need to feel worthy of something… I’ve been lost for so long, out of control looking for inspiration and guidance, the cold hard facts to shake me and get me out of this never-ending hole of self-doubt I keep shovelling away at."

Em Anderson

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